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3 Common Mistakes That May Cause Oily Hair

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Do you have the urge to wash your hair every day or even after a few hours after a hair wash

because your hair looks oily? What bothers most is not just an unpleasant feeling; it's also the hair's unkempt attire. Especially for people with fine oily hair, it can be very challenging. Oily hair makes the fine hair appear flat. In the worst situation, oily hair can lead to scalp itching and hair loss.

Oily hair is a condition that is faced by many people – by men and women. So, you are not alone.

What makes hair oily is the higher production of sebum in the hair follicles. To maintain a healthy scalp and healthy-looking hair, balanced production of sebum is very important. Too much or too little sebum is not good for your hair. External factors, like

  • chemicals in the water,

  • chemicals and alcohol in the hair care products,

  • alcohol in hair styling products,

  • frequent hair washing with shampoo,

can easily disrupt the balance of sebum production.

The causes of oily hair can be different. Hormonal imbalances, an unhealthy diet, and certain medications can be the root cause of oily hair. However, the overproduction of sebum can be worsening by an inappropriate hair care routine.

You can improve the oily hair condition if you avoid the common hair care routine mistakes.

Mistake # 1: Using shampoo for hair washes every day

By washing hair too often, there is a high chance to be trapped in the vicious cycle: then more frequently you wash your hair with a shampoo, then more sebum is produced, then faster and oilier gets your hair. The processes in the human body are designed in a genius way. If the scalp is too oily, your body is trying to tell you something. Maybe you are using a product that dries your scalp or even destroys the scalp's microbiome, and the sebum overproduction is just a reaction to the imbalance that you have been creating all the time. Most shampoos on the market contain alcohol (every ingredient with ending “ol” or glycerin is alcohol), sulfates, parabens, and PEGs. All those ingredients tend to strip natural oils from the scalp and hair and imbalance the skin's natural protective shield.

Mistake # 2: Using harsh hair styling products

Oily hair appears flat. It is very tempting to use hair styling products to give hair more structure and volume. The downside of the hair styling products is, they contain harsh chemicals and alcohol. And these ingredients dry the scalp and harm the protective shield of the scalp. Consequently, the genius processes of your body will make sure to produce more sebum. What happens is oily hair roots and dry and brittle hair.

Mistake # 3: Using dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is like make-up that can lead to clogged pores. You can avoid clogged pores by washing up the dry shampoo at the end of the day. No dermatologist would recommend putting make-up on the unwashed skin for several days. Dry shampoo is a hidden source of toxins; it can worsen the conditions of the scalp. Regular usage of dry shampoo causes built-ups, a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms and fungus. The built-ups can lead to irritation on the scalp, breakouts, and damage of the hair follicles, and cause hair loss.

Our next article, "4 Effective Steps to Prevent Oily Hair," will discuss an effective hair care routine that may solve your oily hair issue.


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